Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Nicholas Conor Institute for Pediatric Cancer Research (TNCI)

Hey everyone, we need your help.  Andrienne, an ex-colleague of mine, sent this to me today - all we're asking for is a vote.  Here's what Adrienne had to say;
"Listen up! Help me raise $20K or more for TNCI without you paying a cent.  I volunteer at The Nicholas Conor Institute for Pediatric Cancer Research (TNCI). TNCI is a non-profit, virtual institute dedicated to developing much-needed diagnostics and therapies for the childhood cancers, see  for all the info and my article on ePharma Expo. Please take 30 seconds to help us by VOTING for Nicholas Conor Institute on CHASE Community Giving Facebook. Go to . Why? CHASE has partnered with Facebook for its "CHASE Community Giving" campaign, which will allocate a total of $5 million to small, local not‐for‐profits voted on by Facebook members. The winner gets $250,000 in a grand‐prize announcement on July 12; four runners‐up get $50,000 each, and the top 200 receives $20,000 each. How can you help? Go directly to
Do it by eob tomorrow! We need to have A LOT more votes to get back into the top 200!, and YOU can help with just a couple clicks. It only takes a typical high school student 30 seconds to vote (I timed them)-You can do it too! Forward to your home address and tell all your friends. Voting ends 7/12. The Nicholas Conor Institute needs your support for development of innovative research for childhood cancers- un-met medical needs that need attention- Children are NOT small adults. Some of you may know Beth Anne Baber, the founder of TNCI, go to the website to meet her and learn about TNCI's exciting collaborations, high power Board of Directors and future plans. Tell all your friends and colleagues. You can also vote for other groups as well, you get 20 chances to vote. Don't be surprised if you get a personal message from me as well.  Thanks SO, SO MUCH!!!!  - Adrienne"

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  1. Thanks for posting this Trina. I'm going to go vote!